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Our Approach

How Stepping Stone Financial Works with You

At Stepping Stone Financial, we know that you have short term, intermediary, and long-term financial goals. Our approach uncovers your needs under each of those categories and creates plans accordingly. However, we take it a step further and create an overarching financial strategy that weaves together your goals regardless of their timeframes.

Along with creating a plan that serves as a solid foundation for your future, we consistently check in to make sure we make changes based on life events, like a new job or a new baby, an inheritance or a well-deserved retirement. Each stage of life comes with an adjustment to your plan, and our job at Stepping Stone Financial is to make sure we guide your steps along the way and stay focused on your end goals.

Our clients can expect us to be responsive and accommodating, providing them with the service they need to feel comfortable and cared for.