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More Support for Our Clients: Cetera Financial Group

Alongside the Stepping Stone Financial team, our clients have some of the brightest minds in the financial services industry working for them. 

Our broker-dealer, Cetera Financial Specialists, is one of the premier broker-dealers in the industry, and is a member of the Cetera Financial Group network of firms. Cetera’s network of people and resources help us pursue your unique goals and vision for the future. Their team of experts provides Stepping Stone Financial with state-of-the-art tools and technology to help build your wealth, plan your legacy and pursue your financial goals. 

Along with helping us run an efficient business so we can spend more time serving you, Cetera also provides diverse product choices that deliver the freedom to select financial solutions that best suit your needs and objectives which is our top priority. Their research, product due diligence and insight helps us as we guide you through all the uncertainties that come with living in today’s environment. 

You can read more about Cetera Financial Specialists by visiting their website. To read more about how Cetera manages and protects your money, visit their investment management website.