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Business Retirement Plan Consultation

Your Business Retirement Plan Made Simple

Your company-sponsored retirement plan should be an asset, not a liability. With a well-designed, efficiently managed plan, you can attract and retain better employees, but overseeing all the details can quickly become time-consuming and carries high-risk exposure in an increasingly complex landscape. The Retirement Plan Consultation specialists at Stepping Stone Financial can help lighten and simplify your load, so you can focus on running your business and caring for your employees, instead of their retirement plans. Read on to learn how we can help.

Fiduciary Oversight

As a plan sponsor, you have fiduciary duties to act in the best interests of plan participants and beneficiaries. This responsibility exposes you to increased risks, including personal liability, should you fail to meet these fiduciary duties. Our specialists can assume this fiduciary role and its full accountability. Using the market research, insights, and advanced systems and technology available to us through our partners at Cetera, we’ll provide knowledgeable guidance which prioritizes your employees’ best interests at every turn.

ERISA Compliance

To ensure you are fulfilling your fiduciary duties, ERISA closely monitors compliance. Failure to meet requirements can result in serious complications and even punitive measures. Changing regulations makes this intense responsibility even more complex. The Stepping Stone Financial team is experienced in helping companies like yours stay compliant and have the resources to follow the latest changes in regulations. We’ll help you act in the best interests of your plan participants while helping you avoid potentially costly mistakes.

Plan Design

To help meet the needs of your employees and provide an attractive incentive for increasingly savvy plan participants, you’ll need to design the best-fit plan for your company. In designing your qualified retirement plan, many factors must be carefully considered, such as maximizing and matching tax-deferred contributions, selecting an appropriate plan type, controlling employee costs and vendor fees, and growing your plan with your company. Our Retirement Plan Consultants are here for every step of developing your ideal plan design.

Employee Education and Retirement Readiness Program

Educating your employees on their retirement plan options and benefits can help increase plan participation significantly. We provide group presentations as well as individual consultations to help empower your employees to make informed decisions about their participation in the plan offering. Additionally, we offer group and one-on-one advice to plan participants, further educating them on strategies to plan, save and prepare for retirement. The end goal is to help give your employees a better chance of retiring on time and with confidence.

Service Provider Oversight

Your fiduciary duties include oversight of plan providers and vendors. This entails ensuring that plan participants are getting the appropriate value through these vendors via their plan participation. Stepping Stone Financial will act as a fiduciary on your behalf, performing due diligence in the vetting and selection of your vendors, as well as monitoring their fees and services. Beyond the selection process, we’ll perform ongoing evaluations to help ensure the quality of service and fee reasonableness according to benchmarked industry standards.

A Trustworthy Advocate for Your Non-Profit Organization

A Trustworthy Advocate for Your Non-Profit Organization

Through simple, diligent service over the years, we’ve earned the trust of the non-profit community in and around the South Holland, Illinois area and beyond. We know you want to focus on what you set out to accomplish — your mission — instead of focusing on your investment portfolio. That’s why Stepping Stone Financial offers everything you need to help establish a firm financial foundation for the future of your non-profit organization. From investment-only advice and products to the full service of an outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO), we’ll be there for every step of your journey.

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